Summer Fun at the Library!

We want everyone to be reading this summer but take a break and check out all of the exciting programs we are offering for all ages in July and while you are at the library check out more books, dvds, cds Girlandcloudand lots more!
One of my favorite musicians is visiting the library in July…BABALOO! He is high energy, over the top FUN with singing, drumming, stomping and dancing. You will be out of your seat with bean bag bopping and lots of LOUD and wild musical mayhem. Click Here for times and locations and to sign up for a rollicking great time!
You will tune into the sound of exciting demonstrations and experiments from MAD SCIENCE including the Electric Pickle, Indoor Storm, Tesla Coil Pop and the Potato Popper. Click Here for times and locations and to sign up for a FIZZ, BOOM & POP of a good time!
Wanting some animal science fun this summer? Join us for Animal Science Classifications: edZOOcational program presented by ANIMAL TALES. Animal Science will explore Animal Classifications such as bird, reptile, amphibian, mammal & invertebrate using live animals from around the world. Hands-on volunteers interact with the animals. Click Here for times and locations and to sign up for this exciting program.
There are so many programs to go to check out our online calendar for the complete list - Click Here

Check out our fun reviews of great books by past summer reading participants:

Martha Brenner          Abe Lincoln’s Hat          5 Star ReviewAbe Lincoln's Hat

Reviewed by Mason            Age 7

I read “Abe Lincoln’s Hat”. He put important notes in his hat. Abe was a lawyer. Then he became the president. I really liked this book.


Kevin Henkes            Kitten’s First Full Moon          5 Star ReviewKitten's First Full Moon

Reviewed by Emma          Age 4

I love to read about cats. They are my favorite animal. She never gave up looking for her bowl of milk. I enjoy listening to this story very much.


Rupert Matthews           Brachiosaurus            5 Star Reviewbrachiosaurus

Reviewed by Jared          Age 5

I liked the Allosaurus in the book. I also liked the Ceratosaurus. I liked all the little meat eaters. You should read this book if you like dinosaurs.


Mary Auch              Chickarella           5 Star ReviewChickarella

Reviewed by Destiny       Age 7

It was so silly because instead of a person Cinderella was a chicken. It was funny because there are chickens acting out the Cinderella story. I like when the Fairy Goosemother comes.


Eric Carle         The Very Hungry Caterpillar          5 Star ReviewThe Very Hungry Caterpillar

Reviewed by Patrick and parent            Age 3

Patrick’s favorite part of the book was when the caterpillar ate all the food and had a stomach ache. And he liked how he became a BUTTERFLY!


Janice May Udry              A Tree Is Nice             5 Star ReviewA Tree is Nice

Reviewed by Calvin              Age 7

This is a good story. People can learn about trees. Trees have many uses. Trees are cool. This is a great story to read about trees!


If You Give a Pig A PancakeLaura Numeroff              If You Give a Pig a Pancake             5 Star Review

Reviewed by Mason and parent             Age 2

Mason enjoyed this story over and over again. He began to remember the “cause/effect” parts of the book and could supply the words before I read them. He was also able to apply the new words he learned to other situations. This book has quickly become one of his favorites.


Juster Norton            Sourpuss and Sweetie Pie             5 Star ReviewSourpuss and Sweetie Pie

Reviewed by Marissa             Age 5

We really enjoyed this book because we could relate to the little girl in the book. Sometimes we are like Sweetie Pie and are sweet and kind. But other times, the Sour Puss in each of us can come out especially when something bad happens. However, no matter what, the people close to us love us when we are like Sweetie Pie or Sour Puss.


Whitney Stewart             Who Was Walt Disney               5 Star ReviewWho Was Walt Disney?

Reviewed by Gabe          Age 10

There are many facts about Walt Disney. He did not go to school until he was seven. He wasn’t the one who chose Mickey Mouse’s name. Mary, his assistant, picked the name. Disney married his assistant, Mary. Walt Disney had 2 daughters. I loved this book!


Rex Stone               Charge of the Triceratops: Dinosaur Cove #2              5 Star ReviewCharge of the Triceratops

Reviewed by Jacob              Age 8

The scariest part was when Jamie and Tom fell down the waterfall on a log. I want to meet the triceratops dinosaur because I want to ride on it. My friends should read this book because it is a little scary. I would like to read more Dinosaur Cove books.


I hope to see you at the fabulous and fun programs at your local library and enjoy your summer!

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Fizz, Boom, READ!


Sign Up in June at your favorite branch to enter Cardinals tickets drawing.

Summer Reading Leads to School Success!

Readers Research has shown that reading for pleasure over the summer is the best way to retain skills and improve reading scores. Each school will receive a report with names of all students who have completed 10 hours of reading this Summer!


1. Read 10 hours & get a flashing flyer & choose a book to keep

2. Enter grand prize drawing for toys & games

3. Keep reading for more grand prize entries

4. Read 100 hours and get a Star Reader yard sign

Read Togethers

1. Listen to 30 books & get a flashing flyer & choose a book to keep

2. Enter grand prize drawing for toys & games

3. Keep reading for more grand prize entries

Babies & Toddlers get prizes when their caregivers complete 30 early literacy activities such as reading, playing and singing! Sharing books with your child is the single-most important factor in having children ready to learn to read when they start school!

Be sure to sign up your other family members in the Teen and Adult Summer Reading Programs!

Ready for some great reviews from our past Summer Reading participants? Here we go……….

Anna Milbourne          The Rainy Day          5 Star ReviewThe Rainy Day

Reviewed by Abby & parent         Age 6

Abby loved the pictures. She was able to read most of the words herself. Abby says “I loved all of the colors! The colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo and violet. I loved this book.

Eric Carle          The Grouchy Ladybug         5 Star Review

Reviewed by Brody & parent         Age 3The Grouchy Ladybug

There was a very grouchy ladybug. But one ladybug was nice to him. The grouchy ladybug went around challenging animals. And at the end the grouchy ladybug and the nice ladybug became friends.

Dr. Seuss           Dr. Seuss’s ABC          5 Star Review Dr. Seuss's ABC

Reviewed by Katie & parent          Age 6

It gave many different word examples for each letter of the alphabet. Katie liked Goo Goo Googles. It is a funny book that helps you learn. There were many tongue twisters in this book. We laugh when we read it.

Peter Linenthal           Look at the Animals             5 Star Reviewlook_at_the_animals

Reviewed by Alexander & parent             Age 3 months

Alex likes the bright opposite colors. I would recommend this book because babies love the colors and it helps them learn about colors and animals. It was extremely fun to share, Alex loved to look at the pictures.

Rick Riordan          The Lightning Thief            5 Star ReviewThe Lightning Thief

Reviewed by Samantha           Age 10

I like this book because it is mysterious and different. I think the book was better than the movie. I think other kids should read this book because it is funny and you learn about Greek gods and goddesses. I am looking forward to reading more this summer.

Sara Pennypacker          Clementine          5 Star ReviewClementine

Reviewed by Lili          Age 8

Clementine is a crazy girl and sometime she pays attention to something that’s none of her business. The funniest part of the book is when Clementine wants to grow a beard. She melts chocolate and puts her finger in it and then smears it on her face. I would really like to meet Clementine. I think my friends should read this books because it is so funny.

Dav Pilkey     Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets     5 Star ReviewCaptain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking Toilets

Reviewed by Tyler         Age 6

I liked this book because it was funny and I like Captain Underpants. I would recommend this book to one of my friends because they would think it is funny too! The flip-o-rama made the book fun to read.

Judy Blume           Superfudge          5 Star ReviewSuperfudge

Reviewed by Jack          Age 10

The funniest part is when Peter finds out his mom is gonna have another baby! Peter is worried that the new baby will be like Fudge! My friends should read this because I think they could relate to Peter and the other characters. Yes, I would like to meet Fudge because he’s funny. But I would not like to have him for a brother! HA HA!

Mike Knudson     Raymond and Graham, Cool Campers      5 Star ReviewRaymond and Graham: Cool Campers

Reviewed by Drew          Age 10

The funniest part was when Tiny and BB switched underwear. My friends should read this book because it’s funny and entertaining. I would like to meet all of the characters.


Daisy Meadows          Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy          5 Star ReviewGemma the Gymnastics Fairy

Reviewed by Lauren         Age 10

The saddest part of the book was when at the beginning of the book the goblins too Gemma’s magic hoop. My friends should read this book because it shows the goblins on bars doing flips. I would like to meet Gemma. I would like to meet her because she does gymnastics and gymnastics is my favorite sport. I thought this was a very COOL book!

I hoped you enjoyed the reviews and found something exciting to read to FIZZ, BOOM, READ this summer! See you at the library;)





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Spirit Animals Are BACK!!!


Join us for an evening of Spirit Animals as the adventure continues in the second and third books of the epic multiplatform fantasy series!

We will have a special appearance of four birds (a peregrine falcon, an owl, a raven and a buzzard) from the World Bird Sanctuary! Which one will be your Spirit Animal?

We will have the spirit capes, weapons and of course our fabulous spirit animal standees to have your own photo op!

Maggie Stiefvater, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Shiver Trilogy and the Raven Boys, continues the adventure in Book two of this fantasy series.

“In the world of Erdas, only a rare few are able to summon a spirit animal in the way Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have. The bond they share with their animals is a partnership that allows them to access more-than-human abilities.
But what if there was another way to create a spirit animal—to force the bond, giving the human partner total control? And what if someone with selfish intentions was offered this gift . . . with a catch.
The four young heroes have barely had time to come together as a team, and their own spirit animal bonds are still greatly untested. But now they face a brutal confrontation against an enemy who will break any rule to defeat them.”

Garth Nix, the bestselling author of many award-winning books, including The Abhorsen Trilogy, The Seventh Tower series, The Keys to the Kingdom series, and The Troubletwisters series (with Sean Williams) and Sean William, the #1 New York Times-bestselling author of Twinmaker and co-author with Garth Nix of the Troubletwisters series, continue the adventure in the third book of the epic series.

“Erdas is a land of balance. A rare link, the spirit animal bond, bridges the human and animal worlds. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan each have this gift—and the grave responsibility that comes with it.
But the Conquerors are trying to destroy this balance. They’re swallowing whole cities in their rush for power—including Meilin’s home. Fed up with waiting and ready to fight, Meilin has set off into enemy territory with her spirit animal, a panda named Jhi. Her friends aren’t far behind . . . but they’re not the only ones.
The enemy is everywhere.” Please join us to meet with these 2 wonderful authors and the wonderful birds from the World Bird Sanctuary, Click Here  or the graphic to register.

Enjoy the reviews from our wonderful summer readers:


Brian Selznick          The Invention of Hugo Cabret          5 Star ReviewInvention of Hugo Cabret

Reviewed by Kayli          Age 10

The saddest part was when Hugo’s dad died from a fire. His dad went into the attic and the security guard forgot about Hugo’s father being up in the attic so he locked up the door trapping Hugo’s father in the attic. Then a fire started and nobody knew how it started, so Hugo’s father died. I think my friends should read this book, “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” because I think this book is incredible, and very interesting. This book’s characters have their own personality like Hugo, nice but thinks he can get away with stealing. I think my friends would love this book.


Paulette Bourgeois          Franklin Forgives            5 Star ReviewFranklin Forgives

Reviewed by Grace & parent         Age 4

Grace enjoyed this book because Franklin’s sister helped him find his fish. Grace recommends this book because it is a very nice book. Franklin’s sister showed love to her brother by making him pancakes to help him cheer up after losing his fish. She’s a good sister.


Megan McDonald          Judy Moody Goes to College          5 Star ReviewJudy Moody Goes to College

Reviewed by Alyssa         Age 10

Judy went to school and found out Mr. Todd was gone! Her new teacher wrote a note to her parents. Judy found out her tutor was in college! Two weeks later Mr. Todd was back. I like Judy Moody and I liked Mr. Todd. Read this book, it is fun!


Syd Hoff           Danny and the Dinosaur           5 Star ReviewDanny and the Dinosaur

Reviewed by Fred           Age 6

The boy finds a dinosaur. The dinosaur does nice things. It’s a fun book and would be fun in real life if it was true. I would ask a friend to read it.


Mary-Alice Moore          The Wheels on the School Bus         5 Star ReviewWheels on the School Bus

Reviewed by Connor        Age 8

I love school buses! I ride the school bus to school everyday. I also love the color yellow. This book was so much fun to read with my mom. I love the stop sign attached to the school bus. I want all my friends to read this book too! I’m so happy the library had this book.


Norman Bridwell          Clifford Makes a Friend          5 Star ReviewClifford Makes a Friend

Reviewed by Brady & parent          Age 2

My son enjoyed this book because it had a dog in it. He also enjoyed it because there were few words on each page, keeping his attention. I liked the book because it taught about being nice and being friends with someone. My son likes Clifford so he enjoyed reading a book about Clifford. We recommend this book to other children who like Clifford.


Mo Willems     Knuffle Bunny Too: a case of mistaken identity     5 Star ReviewKnuffle Bunny Too

Reviewed by Olivia          Age 8

I liked when Trixie walked all the way up the stairs talking. It was a very funny book. Trixie went into her Mom and Dad’s room, and said this is not my bunny. Trixie’s dad was half way down the stairs and the phone rang. The man on the other line said we have your Bunny, and her dad said: we have yours. The bunnies got returned to their owners. THE END!


Liesbet Slegers          Kevin Goes to the Hospital         5 Star ReviewKevin Goes to the Hospital

Reviewed by Darcy         Age 5

This book was about a little boy who gets hurt and has to go to the hospital. We thought it was neat because we learned all about the hospital and doctors and nurses and wheelchairs. It was very interesting.


Charles Ghigna          One Hundred Shoes: a math reader          5 Star ReviewOne Hundred Shoes: a math reader

Reviewed by Levi          Age 5

I liked this book because the caterpillar had 100 shoes. I liked the ladybug with the 3 eyes and her baby best in this book. I liked it when the caterpillar was buying all of the shoes. I think the caterpillar is so cute. I want my friends to read this funny book!


Astrid Lindgren          Pippi Longstocking          5 Star ReviewPippi Longstocking

Reviewed by Rouziet          Age 10

Pippi is strong, brave and kind-hearted. She might not have the best manners, but she is not rude to anyone. I would love to meet Pippi and all of her friends and go on all her breath-taking, funny adventures. Pippi Longstocking is one of a kind.


Beverly Cleary          The Mouse and the Motorcycle          5 Star ReviewMouse and the Motorcycle

Reviewed by William          Age 4

This book is full of adventure and excitement. Ralph is a mouse that can ride a motorcycle and that made him very special. We enjoyed reading about his adventures on his motorcycle and with his friend Keith. We would recommend this book to any young reader and have already read the next book in series; Ralph S. Mouse.


Karma Wilson            Bear Wants More              5 Star ReviewBear Wants More

Reviewed by Josh            Age 3

We like it when the bear gets stuck in his own house. We also like giving the characters funny voices. the illustrations are beautiful, especially the picture of the party! The rhyming makes it extra fun for young kids.


Gail Herman          Scooby Doo on Zombie Island          5 Star ReviewScooby Doo on Zombie Island

Reviewed by Jordan & parent         Age 4

Jordan likes Scooby Doo. He likes to read stories about Scooby and the gang. He likes to see who did the scaring at the end. Jordan loves the pictures because they are colorful. He would recommend this book because Scooby is cool!!!

Hope to see you at the Spirit Animals author event and enjoy all of the great reads on our blog!













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The Authors are Coming….The Authors are Coming!!!



Hi, Koo!

Here is your chance to meet Jon J. Muth and hear about his newest book Hi, Koo!: a year of seasons on Wednesday, April 9 at 6:30 pm at the Spencer Road Branch-Community Commons!  Hi, Koo! is the fourth title in Muth’s books about Stillwater, the wise Giant Panda.  Previous titles include Zen Shorts, Zen Ties and Zen Ghosts.  With a featherlight touch and disarming charm, Jon J. Muth — and his delightful little panda bear, Koo — challenge readers to stretch their minds and imaginations in this fresh, exiting look at the four seasons.  Muth is also the illustrator of the recently released Poems to Learn by Heart edited by Caroline Kennedy and City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Willems. His paintings are exquisite, his books are beloved by young and old and are meant to be shared over and over again. Recommended for ages 5 & up.  Families Welcome.  Books will be on sale by Classroom Library and autographed by Jon J Muth.  Purchase of a book may be required to enter the autograph line. CLICK HERE or on the book cover to register for this program!


Later in the month we are having another wonderful author: Kenneth Oppel!  He will be at the Spencer Road Branch-Community Commons on Wednesday, April 30 at 6:30 pm.  All aboard The Boundless for an action-packed escapade for middle grade readers from the internationally bestselling author of Airborn Adventures and the Silverwing Saga. The Boundless, the greatest train ever built, is on its maiden voyage across the country, and first-class passenger Will Everett is about to embark on the adventure of his life! When Will ends up in possession of the key to a train car containing priceless treasures, he becomes the target of sinister figures from his past. In order to survive, Will must join a traveling circus, enlisting the aid of Mr. Dorian, the ringmaster and leader of the troupe, and Maren, a girl his age who is an expert escape artist. With villains fast on their heels, can Will and Maren reach Will’s father and save The Boundless before someone winds up dead?
Kenneth Oppel is an award-winning and popular Canadian author who writes compelling and action-packed books for older kids and teens.
Read Saint Louis is a community-wide initiative developed by the St. Louis area library systems to encourage St. Louisans to read and discuss great books. At the core of the program is a belief that making reading fun, exciting and educational will stimulate a passion for lifelong learning in all of us.
Each year, Read St. Louis showcases books to appeal to all interests and reading levels. The libraries host events with each of the featured authors. Families Welcome.  Books will be sold by Left Bank Books. To register for this fantastic author visit please CLICK HERE or click on the book cover.

I have a few great reviews to share with all of you….

H.A. Rey          Curious George Flies a Kite          5 Star Reviewcurious_george_fliesakite

Reviewed by Conner & parent         Age 6

We enjoyed reading about Curious George flying in the sky. Conner recommends this book to other children because he believes monkeys are funny. Conner believes the character Curious George is special because he gets into silly situations. We really liked this book.


Ellen Javernick         The Birthday Pet          5 Star ReviewThe Birthday Pet

Reviewed by Jessie          Age 7

I like “The Birthday Pet” because his family kept saying get this pet..get that pet. My friends should read this because it is a good book!


Paulette Bourgeois          Franklin Plants a Tree         5 Star Reviewfranklin_plantsatree

Reviewed by Rose & parent       Age 5

We liked this book because Franklin plants and takes care of a tree. We liked all of the colors on the pictures. This book was fun to read because all of Franklin’s friends got to plant their own trees. We recommend this book because it teaches about being nice to the earth. I like this book!



Amy Rosenthal          Little Hoot           5 Star ReviewLittle Hoot

Reviewed by Cailin           Age 5

I liked the book because I liked the little owl. Little Hoot likes school and so do I. The story is cute – it’s about Little Hoot staying up late but he wants to go to bed early. Little Hoot plays lots of fun games until he can go to bed.


Mary Morgan           Dragon Pizzaria          5 Star ReviewDragon Pizzaria

Reviewed by Jenna            Age 5

“Dragon Pizzaria, this is Spike, what would you like”? This is my favorite part! He made a pizza out of a frog and alligators. I liked this book, it was so funny! I absolutely loved it!


Sam McBratney           The Dark at the Top of the Stairs          5 Star Reviewdark_top_stairs

Reviewed by Bethany         Age 6

This book was very interesting. They don’t see the cat. They just see the shadow and hear the sound. The mice were “cutely” illustrated. It was a very nice story, I loved it!


Tina Burke         Sophie’s Big Bed          5 Star Reviewsophies_big_bed

Reviewed by Samantha          Age 4

I loved “Sophie’s Big Bed”. Sophie was scared that she and her animals would fall off her big bed. She liked her comfy pillow and blankie in her crib. Then she was not scared of her big bed at all because all her toys didn’t fall off. I loved Sophie and her toys!


Lauren Child          I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go To Bed          5 Star ReviewIam_not_sleepy

Reviewed by Brendan          Age 5

I liked this book because it is funny. My favorite part was when all the tigers drank strawberry milk. When you read this book it will help you get ready to go to bed.

Have a wonderful spring and can’t wait to see you at our fantastic author visits in April.








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Books, Books and More!

If you are looking for some fun reading material to take on spring break vacations or just to enjoy be sure to check this out!



The Friends of the Library will once again host their Cabin Fever Book Fairs in 2014. Admission is FREE for the “mini” book fairs and each weekend features different book selections. The Cabin Fever sales will take place at VFW Post 5077, 8500 Veteran’s Memorial Parkway, O’Fallon, MO 63366.

Children’s and Teen Book Sale
Friday, March 14th & Saturday, March 15th


FEATURING CHILDREN’S & TEEN Fiction and Non-Fiction Books as well as
Children’s and Adult 
DVDs,CDs, VHS tapes and Books on Tape.
PRICES: Childrens Paperback and Hardback books just 25¢ each, AV materials priced as marked.

For More Information CLICK HERE

Are you ready to share some awesome reviews from our Summer Readers? We’ve got some great ones for you to read and hopefully enjoy:

Margaret McNamara         First Grade Bunny          5 Star ReviewFirst Grade Bunny

Reviewed by Amelia         Age 6

This was a great book about a nice teacher and all the students helping to care for a bunny. One boy was scared and the teacher helped him too! I really really liked this book because I love bunnies.

Simon Beecroft           Watch Out for Jabba the Hutt         5 Star ReviewWatch Out for Jabba the Hutt

Reviewed by Brandon & parent        Age 6

Brandon liked this book because it was “AWESOME”. Brandon like the pictures of the characters in the book. I recommend this book because it encourages my child to want to keep reading it to find out what will happen next. I also like that there are alot of “sight words” in the book.

Laura Ingalls Wilder          By the Shores of Silver Lake          5 Star ReviewBy the Shores of Silver Lake

Reviewed by Meghan         Age 9

The saddest part of this book is the very beginning. Laura’s family had scarlet fever! Mary (Laura’s sister) was so sick that now she is blind. My friends should read this book because I just finished the whole collection and I get to see her house in Mansfield!!! I would love to see Laura but this was over 100 years ago! I hope you read this book and enjoy it too!

Susan Korman          Groundhog at Evergreen Road          5 Star ReviewGroundhog at Evergreen Road

Reviewed by Emma         Age 6

I liked how the groundhog was brave. He was just a kid and went out of his hole to find food. He ate healthy stuff…green beans. He took naps on rocks to feel better. He worked hard to dig his own hole. The hole is called a burrow. He ran fast to get away from the hawk. He slowly poked his head to make sure he was safe.

Maureen Wright          Sleep Big Bear Sleep           5 Star ReviewSleep Big Bear Sleep

Reviewed by Eva  & parent        Age 4

We liked this book because Eva could help read parts of the book. We think our friends would like this book too. Eva learned what an exclamation point looks like and what it means. It was silly that Big Bear didn’t go to sleep till the end.

Eileen Christelow     Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed      5 Star ReviewFive Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Reviewed by Jaydn          Age 3

This was the first book I could read. I like the monkeys fall, that’s silly. I don’t like the doctor, he give me shots. I would recommend it for kids that are starting to read. It was a fun easy read.

Barbara Park          Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business          5 Star ReviewJunie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business

Reviewed by Ashley            Age 8

It was funny how Junie kept telling everyone she was getting a monkey instead of a baby brother. I would tell my friends to read this book. The story and characters were funny and interesting. This book made me chuckle out loud.

Kate Klise            Shall I Knit You a Hat          5 Star ReviewShall I Knit You a Hat

Reviewed by Viktor           Age 3 1/2

We both enjoyed this book because it has a nice message about giving handmade gifts. It’s nicely illustrated and fun to read. I bought a copy and gave it to a girl who just turned 7 years old and she loved it!

J. K. Rowling          Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
5 Star Review

Reviewed by Emma         Age 10

“Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” was the best in the series! I enjoyed the action and the Professor Umbridge invasion. I want to meet Cho Chang, Hermoine Granger, Ron Weasley, Sirius Black and Lord Voldemort.

David Shannon         A Bad Case of Stripes          5 Star ReviewA Bad Case of Stripes

Reviewed by Katie          Age 6

The funniest part was when Camilla (the little girl) stuck out her tongue and her tongue had stripes! I would really like to meet Camilla!

Carolyn Keene          April Fool’s Day          5 Star ReviewApril Fool's Day

Reviewed by Claire         Age 9

In the book “April Fool’s Day” a gamer girl and a cell phone are stolen. Nancy Drew and her clues crew are out on the search to find them. While they are searching, April’s brothers scare them. If you like funny mysteries, you should read this book.

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Ballet Storytime








Are you thinking of dancing into Spring, then you need to visit the library and come to one of the wonderful Ballet Storytimes. Celebrate ballet! Listen to stories and meet a real ballet dancer from the Missouri Ballet Theatre! This program is recommended for children ages 3 and up, this would be a wonderful family program. To sign up for this program click on the graphic or click here!

Just so you have something else exciting to do this chilly February, try some of the exciting book our summer readers are recommending. Here is a list of great reads for all ages.

Janet Marshall          A Honey of a Day          5 Star ReviewHoney of a Day

Reviewed by Lydia and parent          Age 4

We enjoyed this book together because the characters were named after varieties of flowers! We love working in our yard together and identifying the flowers by name! We would recommend it for learning the names of flowers and plants and be able to identify them. There were lots of pictures of flowers with their names! Very Nice!


Marla Frazee           Roller Coaster          5 Star ReviewRoller Coaster

Reviewed by Grace         Age 5

One was happy. One was scared. Roller coaster went all around. Roller coaster went fast! The girl in the front, never was on a roller coaster. When it ended she wanted to go again. I really liked this book, it made me want to ride a roller coaster.


Marc Brown          Arthur’s Underwear          5 Star Reviewarthurs_underwear

Reviewed by Morgan          Age 7

Arthur was getting ready for school. He bought some new school supplies, like newspaper and pencils. But the funniest thing he bought was new underwear! I love Arthur and his books!



Tina Wells          Mackenzie Blue          5 Star ReviewMackenzie Blue

Reviewed by Carliegh          Age 9

I’ve just read a really good book called Mackenzie Blue by Tina Wells. This book is about a girl named Mackenzie and she has just started the 7th grade. On the first day of school she embarrassed herself and someone steals her diary and reveals all of her secrets, that was the bad part in the book. If I could meet one of the characters it would be Chloe. Chloe is Mackenzie’s friend. I would want to meet her because she seems really nice. If you would like to know more about Mackenzie and friends read the book Mackenzie Blue.


Bernard Waber           Lyle, Lyle Crocodile          5 Star ReviewLyle Lyle Crocodile

Reviewed by Bethany         Age 4

Mr. Grumps and Loretta the cat did not like Lyle at the beginning. He was sent to the zoo for awhile. He got out of the zoo and saved Mr. Grumps from a fire. Mr. Grumps and Loretta liked Lyle the crocodile at the end.


Cynthia Rylant           Puppy Mudge Takes a Bath         5 Star ReviewPuppy Mudge Takes a Bath

Reviewed by Allie          Age 5

I liked this book because it was very funny. My favorite part was when Mudge found the skunk. I also like when he kept getting muddy. It was a fun book to read.


Eric Fein         My Frozen Valentine         5 Star Review

Reviewed by Ben          Age 5

My Frozen Valentine

Batman battles Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze wants to rule the world and steal some big diamonds. Batman froze Mr. Freeze, and rescues the frozen people.




Tom Lichtenheld           Bridget’s Beret          5 Star ReviewBridget's Beret

Reviewed by Lindsay          Age 9

There is this girl named Bridget and she loves drawing lots of pictures. And the best place where she can draw is her backyard, because nature is all around her. She always wears her beret when she draws. When she goes outside to draw the wind blows her beret away. She puts up a sign to find it and she tries other hats but they don’t work, but her dog found her beret.


Lois Lenski         Cowboy Small          5 Star ReviewCowboy Small

Reviewed by Colin          Age 5

Cowboy Small is a good cowboy. I like his horse Cactus because I like horses. This book is about cowboy stuff like riding horses, roping cows and eating. It is a very good book!


Emily Sands           The Egyptology Handbook          5 Star ReviewEgyptology Handbook

Reviewed by Paul          Age 6

I like this book because it is about Egypt. I want to be an archaeologist when I grow up. This was a super good book and I learned a whole bunch!


Shana Corey          Boats!          5 Star ReviewBoats!

Reviewed by Nolan and parent         Age 2

Nolan loved to identify all the different types of boats. His favorite boat was the old boat. He could recite the book pretty quickly. It was a fun and quick book before bed!


Audrey Penn         A Pocket Full of Kisses         5 Star ReviewPocket Full of Kisses

Reviewed by Hannah          Age 5

This book is about Chester Raccoon.  He doesn’t think his mommy has enough kissing hands for him and his brother. His mommy teaches him that kissing hands are like the sun’s rays, always there, always shining. Mommy never runs out.



Thanks for visiting our blog, I hope you have fun reading some of the wonderful books listed here and maybe I’ll see you at the Ballet Storytime!



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Elephant and Piggie visit libraries!




Meet Mo Willems’ favorite characters–Elephant and Piggie!  Stories, songs & more. Bring a camera for a photo with Elephant & Piggie. Elephant and Piggie will be getting around St. Charles County, to find them at the library closest to you CLICK HERE!

Are you looking for something good to read while you are on vacation from school?  Here are great books reviewed by our fantastic summer readers. Enjoy, enjoy!



Danny Schnitzlein          The Monster Who Ate My Peas          5 Star ReviewMonster Who Ate My Peas

Reviewed by Jessica & parent          Age 2

We love this book because it has wonderful pictures, and it has a very fun poetry rhythm with a lot of rhyming words. My 2 year old loves to point out the things she recognizes on the pages. The monster itself is very amazing – how clever to make the monster out of the things he eats!


Byron Barton          Machines at Work          5 Star ReviewMachines at Work

Reviewed by Jack & parent          Age 2

Jack loves trucks and machines, like bulldozers! It’s great for boys because the words and sentences are simple and easy to read. In fact, Jack began to read this book by himself because he had the pictures and words memorized!! Great illustrations and simple sentences!!


Mary Pope Osborne            Night of the Ninjas          5 Star Reviewnight_ofthe_ninjas

Reviewed by Joe          Age 7

I liked this book because there were Ninjas in it. I learned that the Ninjas could be tough and walk in the fast, cold water. It was a good book. I liked reading about all of Annie and Jack’s adventures. I love the Magic Treehouse books.


Diana Kimpton              Princess Ellie Solves a Mystery           5 Star ReviewPrincess Ellie Solves a Mystery

Reviewed by Laura             Age 7

It was a good mystery because Lord Leo wasn’t a famous artist even though he said he had four horses but he did not. The maids were dressed like a rainbow. He was a thief who tried to steal.


Ellen Miles          Snowball          5 Star ReviewSnowball

Reviewed by Alyssa          Age 10

The book is about a boy named Charles that wants a puppy. His family and him foster dogs but his mom thinks a full-time puppy would be too much work. But they go to a gas station one day and find a puppy in a box. They bring it home and name it Snowball. But at Christmas time Snowball is their present.


Lauren Child          Utterly Me, Clarice Bean          5 Star ReviewUtterly Me, Clarice Bean

Reviewed by Mallory          Age 10

The saddest part is when Betty, Clarice’s best friend goes to Russia without telling Clarice. Then for the book report she is paired with the worst boy in school. I liked this book and I liked Clarice Bean!


Louis Sachar           Wayside School is Falling Down          5 Star ReviewWayside School Is Falling Down

Reviewed by Luke          Age 10

This book is 5 stars because it was really funny and explained a lot. A funny part was when a bunch of cows went into the school. My friends should read this book if they like comedy books. I would like to ask Mrs. Jewls how she handles her crazy class.


Laura Buller           What Is A Wookiee?          5 Star ReviewWhat Is a Wookiee?

Reviewed by Spencer          Age 6

This book has cool characters and it is easy to read. It has very interesting pictures, too. We would recommend this to others who are interested in Star Wars. The pod racers are really, really neat!


Marc Brown             Arthur’s Pet Business            5 Star ReviewArthur's Pet Business

Reviewed by Preston          Age 5

We enjoy Arthur books. They are always funny and teach us a lesson. This one taught us how hard it is to take care of a pet. We like the expressions on the children and pets in the Arthur books.


Glenda Millard              Layla, Queen of Hearts              5 Star ReviewLayla, Queen of Hearts

Reviewed by Zadi        Age 9

The saddest part was when Miss Amelie passed away. My friends should read this because if someone you loved died it will tell you how she felt. I would like to meet Miss Amelie because I could meet a person who forgets easily. I would also like to meet the Silks family. It was a great book.


Laura Numeroff          If You Take a Mouse to School          5 Star ReviewIf You Take a Mouse to School

Reviewed by Grace         Age 4

I liked If You Take a Mouse to School. The pictures were pretty and the mouse was cute. I liked the idea of the mouse taking a bath in the sink. He built a mouse house and went skateboarding. I hope I have as much fun as the mouse when I go to school.


Jane O’Connor          Fancy Nancy: The Dazzling Book Report         5 Star ReviewFancy Nancy: The Dazzling Book Report

Reviewed by Jocelyn         Age 5

Jocelyn liked this book because Nancy made a really beautiful cover for her book report. But Nancy was too distracted to do a good job on her report. That made her embarrassed by the time she had to tell her report to her class. Jocelyn thought those were good parts of the book, because sometimes she gets distracted and feels embarrassed too. This was a good book to read before writing our first book report.

Hope you enjoy the recommended books and have a Happy New Year!











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Time’s Almost Up!

2013 Building Block Award Nominees


All fall I’ve been visiting daycares and preschools in Harvester reading the Building Block Nominees so children can vote for their favorite read aloud book. The Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award, administered by the Youth Services Community of Interest of Missouri Library Association, is presented annually to the author and illustrator of the picture book voted most popular by preschool children in Missouri’s public libraries. All of the books are fun and so wonderful and you have till December 31 to read at least 5 of the nominees so you can vote. You can go to my Blog Roll or click here to find a ballot so you may vote.

Here is our list of awesome books reviewed by our wonderful summer readers…hope you find something fun to read for the holidays!



Alison Inches          Castaways!          5 Star Review

Reviewed by Jacob         Age 5

My favorite part was when Austin cut vines for the castaways to use for their beach hut. I like this book. Other kids should read it. My favorite character is Tyrone.



Cam Jansen and the First Day of School Mystery


David A. Adler           Cam Jansen and the First Day of School Mystery         5 Star Review

Reviewed by Rachel         Age 8

One of the reasons I like this book is a lot of details. I like to try to solve the mystery myself. I did not figure out the answer before I read it. This is a really good mystery.


Bill Watterson          Something Under the Bed is Drooling          5 Star ReviewSomething Under the Bed is Drooling

Reviewed by Joshua         Age 10

The funniest part was when Calvin said “Don’t turn out the light Dad! You didn’t check under the bed for monsters!” I think my friends should read it, it is a really funny book. If I got a chance to meet one of the characters I would say YES!


Louise Gikow          Barbie: Be Proud of Yourself          5 Star ReviewBarbie: Be Proud of Yourself

Reviewed by Campbell          Age 5

I liked this book because it teaches a lesson. Don’t ever change yourself to please someone else. The characters that I like are Stacie and Barbie. Stacie has a talent in math. Always tell your friends how you feel or they won’t know if you’re upset. Everyone is good at something! Always be proud of yourself.


Dan Gutman         Babe and Me           5 Star ReviewBabe and Me

Reviewed by Zach         Age 9

This book is about a kid and his dad who traveled back in time with a baseball card. The baseball card takes them to Wrigley Field and they met Babe Ruth. Joey learns to always be nice. Joey learns to be nice because these kids were playing baseball with a rock with a sock over it, so Joey gives them Babe Ruth’s home run ball. I loved this book.


Eric Blair          Paul Bunyan            5 Star ReviewPaul Bunyan

Reviewed by Zachary             Age 8

I like this book because this man was small and he grew big. He made lakes with his feet. He helped the people. It is an easy book to read.


The Chihuahua


Charlotte Wilcox         The Chihuahua          5 Star Review

Reviewed by Sarah         Age 9

This book gave me lots of good information. And it has great photos, too. I learned lots of new words. I learned a ton of facts, too. One word I learned is bobtail, means small tail; some are natural and some are cut. I think my friends should read this because it gives you a lot of information and it’s great for people who like non-fiction.


Rania, Queen, consort of Abdullah II, King of Jordan          The Sandwich Swap          5 Star ReviewThe Sandwich Swap

Reviewed by Audrey         Age 5

I liked the book because they tried each others sandwiches and they liked them! It was something new. I would recommend this book to others. I liked at the end where they asked all the kids to bring foods from different countries to try.


Kitty Richards          The Great Toy Escape          5 Star Reviewgreattoy_escape

Reviewed by Ephram          Age 5

I love this book because I love Woody books. Woody is my favorite because he saves the day and the T-Rex. Slinky and Buzz and Woody save everyone from the mean bear. Plus they go to a garbage dump. I love garbage.


Eileen Spinelli          Miss Fox’s Class Goes Green          5 Star Reviewmissfoxs_classgoesgreen

Reviewed by Evan          Age 6

We liked it because they recycle things. People that go to school would like it because it helps you be better at recycling. The bicycles are awesome. Go Green Save the Planet



Glad you checked out some of our fun reviews, be sure to read the Building Block Nominees and vote! Have a happy holiday!







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Tale Waggers are BACK!

We will be having our Tale Waggers program in November at many of our branches and hope all of you will join us to read to the dogs! Bring a favorite book or pick one of ours to share with some furry, loving friends from Love on a Leash. Parents, this is a perfect way for your reluctant readers to practice their reading. Registration for the program has begun if you want to sign up please click HERE . Read to the Dogs

If you are looking for some recommended reading to bring with you check out the awesome books our summer readers are recommending:


David Kirk          Miss Spider’s Tea Party          5 Star ReviewMiss Spider's Teaparty

Reviewed by Emma & parent           Age 4

Emma loved the illustrations and how Miss Spider had a tea party. It teaches counting and social skills in a fun way. Emma also liked the rhymes. Miss Spider has lots of fun with her insect friend and they are special to her.


Mrs. Lizzy is Dizzy!

Dan Gutman            Mrs. Lizzy is Dizzy           5 Star Review

Reviewed by Ben         Age 10

The funniest part was when A.J. was right about Mrs. Lizzy locking up the school enrichment program teacher in the basement. My friends should read this because it is a very surprising book. This is a very good series. I can’t wait till the next book comes out. I would like to meet A.J., he would be a fun friend.


Dan Gutman           Miss Daisy is Crazy           5 Star ReviewMiss Daisy is Crazy

Reviewed by Nick           Age 8

The funniest part is when the principal showed up in a gorilla suit. Because it is funny. I would like to meet A.J. That was one good book.



Jeff Kinney            Diary of a Wimpy Kid             5 Star ReviewDiary of a Wimpy Kid

Reviewed by Rajat           Age 8

There are four Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Jeff Kinney is going to make at least 3 more. All of his books are funny. My favorite is the 1st one because they got in trouble a lot and it was funny.



Jeff Kinney             Diary of a Wimpy Kid Last Straw             5 Star ReviewDiary of a Wimpy Kid Last Straw

Reviewed by Edik             Age 11

I liked it when Greg was at his friends house and he pretended to be sweaty and he put water on himself. I recommend reading this book and the others in this series. I would like to meet Greg, he is funny and a lot like me.


Nancy Harris             Orange            5 Star ReviewOrange

Reviewed by Neil          Age 3

This book is about the color orange. I like this book because my favorite color is orange! I liked the orange snake. I would give this book to a friend. Orange, orange, orange!!


Jerry Smath          Wee Witches’ Halloween          5 Star ReviewWee Witches' Halloween

Reviewed by Sophie          Age 7

We enjoyed this book because it was funny. We would recommend this book. The cats riding on the brooms with the witches were funny!


Rob Scotton          Splat the Cat          5 Star ReviewSplat the Cat

Reviewed by Phillip          Age 4

I liked how the cat became friends with mice and he wasn’t afraid to go to school anymore. I like Splat the Cat!


Michael Rosen         We’re Going on a Bear Hunt          5 Star Reviewwere_goingon_bearhunt

Reviewed by Alex          Age 4

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is easy to read. It was a sad story because at the end the bear had no friends. My favorite part was when they forgot they left the door open. I really liked when they went in the cave and found the bear. Then they ran back home.


Hope to see you reading to the dogs at the library soon!










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And more authors………

We have to be the luckiest library district ever because we have the best authors and illustrators visiting us. The next two months are awesome, starting with the bestselling author Brandon Mull, he’s here to talk about a wonderful new series “Spirit Animals” on Wednesday, October 2nd at 7:00 pm. Click on the picture to register for this fun author visit.






We will also have a green cloak/spirit animal photo booth, spirit animal masks and other fun things to do as you wait to get your books signed.

Our next author to appear is Michael Buckley, New York Times bestselling author of the series’ NERDS and Sister Grimm. Michael will be visiting the Spencer Road Branch on Wednesday, October 23 at 7pm. Be sure to click on the picture to register for this fun author visit.






It should be a fun filled fall at the library and I hope so see all of you at the library. Here’s some fun reviews of good reads to share from our past summer readers.


Michael Buckley          NERDS           5 Star Reviewnerds

Reviewed by Ryan         Age 10

The funniest part was when Butch (the dog) bit him. It was funny! My friends should read this book is because it’s an action book. Really cool too! I would like to meet Jackson because he is an interesting character in the book.


Kate McMullan          Fluffy Goes to School          5 Star ReviewFluffy Goes to School

Reviewed by Noah         Age 6

Fluffy is at school to be the new class pet. They vote on his name and Fluffy got the most. So they started calling him Fluffy and he thought “where is this Fluffy”? They get him a box for his cage and he pretends to be a policeman. I like this book because Fluffy does lots of funny things.


Judy Blume           Freckle Juice          5 Star Reviewfreckle_juice

Reviewed by Marshall & parent          Age 6

It was a good book. My son thought it was funny. A boy wanted freckles so bad he would do anything. A mean girl tricked him and he ended up sick.



Gertrude Warner          The Mystery at Skeleton Point          5 Star ReviewMystery at Skeleton Point

Reviewed by Caleb          Age 8

This was a scary book. A skeleton came alive. It acted like a human drowning in the water. Two kids and their grandpa noticed it was a skeleton. The skeleton tried to scare them.



The Night Before KindergartenNatasha Wing     The Night Before Kindergarten     5 Star Review

Reviewed by  Amira  & parent         Age 5

This was a perfect book to read to any child entering Kindergarten. It focuses on what some kids might feel entering school, like anxiety. We loved the book because it prepares kids on what to expect in Kindergarten. The story gets the child excited about going to school and the parents, however can be a little sad about seeing their child leave for the first time.



Rita Book          My Soccer Mom from Mars          5 Star ReviewMy Soccer Mom from Mars

Reviewed by Eden         Age 7

I liked this book because his mom kept dressing as a cow. This book was very very funny. I want my friends to read it so we can laugh.



Margaret Rey          Curious George Visits the Zoo          5 Star Reviewcurious_george_visitszoo

Reviewed by Connor  & parent         Age 3

This book was perfect because I like monkeys and the zoo. George saw the giraffes and elephants and took the bananas. He gave them to the monkeys in the cage and snatched the red balloon. He made the boy happy!


Mo Willems          Pigeon Finds a Hotdog          5 Star ReviewThe Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!

Reviewed by Wesley          Age 6

I would like to meet the pigeon because he was funny. I like how the pigeon yells before sharing his hot dog with the duckling. I hope the pigeon shares with all of his friends!


Denise Fleming          Beetle Bop            5 Star Reviewbeetle_bop

Reviewed by Nathan          Age 5

The story is funny. It has a lot of bugs in it. The beetles fly, eat and swim. I like the pictures, they are cool. My mom reads it really, really silly!


Lisa Papademetriou          Rani in the Mermaid Lagoon           5 Star ReviewRani in the Mermaid Lagoon

Reviewed by Sophie          Age 8

The scariest part is when the fairy runs away and has to fight a water snake. My friends should read this book because it’s awesome. Yes, I would like to meet Rani because she cut off her wings to swim, and she is COOL!



Johanna Hurwitz          Pee Wee’s Tale           5 Star ReviewPee Wee's Tale

Reviewed by Carly          Age 8

Pee Wee started in a cage with a boy, Robbie, who always wanted a dog. The Pee Wee ended up at the National Park in New York! He befriends Lexi the squirrel, and learns about the park. Other kids should read this book, because it tells you about an animals point of view.


Thanks, can’t wait to see you at our Author visits and at the library, enjoy these fun recommendations and let’s go into fall reading.









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